Holiday Traditions

Well it’s  that time of the year. Time to make the little kids happy with the presents and stuff again.  Im  geting sick and tired of this stuff to be honest I really don’t see  what’s  the point anymore, I really don’t ask for nothing I just sit there and look at my brother and sister open presents. Im really not a big fan of Christmas like that becuase I recently lost a family member a few days ago, I just keep thinking how this will be the first Christmas without everybody that passed away. Last year for Christmas we fed the homeless it was fun for me but at the sametime some of the homeless  were ungrateful. However, Christmas have a big meaning to those that really enjoy celebrating it. Christmas means the celebration  of  the brith of Jesus Christ and everything he did for us.

Most people are very religious they might celebrate Kwanzza, which is Wednesday until January 1. Me personal I think its completely fine to celebrate different hoildays it will make more people want to get to know more about the hoildays. You don’t see alot of people celebrating Christmas around here. Like nowadays you see kids getting mad at each other just because someone don’t t celebrate the same thing  they do. People don’t understand it only because their religion. I would love to celebrate different things that will tell a background story about their pass generations before my time. You can learn something that you never knew about any of these hoildays.

New Years is the best time of the year because alot of people enjoy drinking. You may hear everybody saying “new year, new me ” but everybody still be going to the same  person. Still stealing or  fighting and skipping. I know you get tired of doing the samething, especially if you keep getting the same results.  Merry Christmas to all of you, I hope everybody day go as plan tomorrow.

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