College Life

I started the Collegiate Academy when I was a Freshman. I really didn’t wanna be in it at first because I didn’t think I would’ve passed  the class. All we hear everyday in the Collegiate Academy is that we need to finish this the first time , like the tsi test I don’t think I should still be taking this test. One thing I hate the most about this program is that when I was at El Centro taking classes this year they expect us to know what they where talking about, sometimes it can become overwhelming. But everyday I learn new things from each college class I had this semester. You  just don’t know how much frustration builds up inside of me. In my college classes just making web pages, and what I hate is when I be in a class with people that expect you to do the work for them like you really just wanna use my code and cheat off my code; like what if this not right. Then they will get upset When  we both receive  the same grade.

Look im a very emotional person, when I was taking the classes at El Centro this year I thought I wasn’t going to make any progression . My professor’s talk so fast I get confused and want to give up at times. One day I told my professor that I have dyslexia, I guess he didn’t care about my learning condition. My  school  counselor said it wouldn’t matter until I get to a  University or community college, I would have to give my paper work to my adviser. At first  I had different thoughts about attending college,  but I pretty much have my life planned out. I think that with me taking these college class I would see myself maybe using coding later in the future or if not I would love to be a lawyer. The Collegiate Academy helps us get ready for the real world I think when that time comes I will see progress in myself: mentally and emotionally, and many of my dreams will be accomplished.

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